Lynne Klippel
Lynne KlippelPresident
Lynne Klippel has been a publisher (Thomas Noble Books and Love Your Life Publishing) since 2003 with more than 270 books released thus far. She’s a best-selling non-fiction author, developmental editor and ghostwriter. She’s a popular writing teacher with thousands of students from six of the seven continents who rave about her ability to remove the overwhelm from the writing and publishing process.
Mike Herron
Mike HerronTreasurer
Mike Herron divided his work life between running non-profit social services programs and working with computers and communications technology. He now writes contemporary romance novels that bring legends and history to life. He moderates meeting of Writing Our World (WOW), a writers’ support group in Cuenca, and writes for Cuenca Expats Magazine.
Joss Burnel
Joss BurnelSecretary
Joss Burnel, from school teacher to executive assistant has developed and used her organizational skills in a variety of ways and places. She is a Certified Holistic Coach and, as such, continues to mentor women on their inner journey. Joss is a published author of poetry and memoir and is currently working on a novel series entitled Depth of a Woman.
Scarlett Braden
Scarlett BradenDirector of Learning
Scarlett Braden is the author of the Providence in Ecuador suspense series and the editor of Friends in Foreign Places: An Expat Anthology. She is also working on a new fantasy series and is a contributor to the 7° of Wisdom series. Scarlett works as an Author’s Assistant helping with Indie publishing and marketing and is active in several groups within the Cuenca writing community.
Nancy Thornton
Nancy ThorntonDirector of Community Activities
Prior to moving to South America with her Dutch husband and their almost-teen daughter, Nancy Thornton Vander Plaats spent 35 years as a copywriter in the USA. She has waxed eloquent on comfort shoes for an e-retailer, helped raise millions of dollars for honorable sponsorship organizations, and barraged the public with forgettable junk mail. Now retired, she’s free to write whatever she likes–mostly memoirs, musings and a wee bit of poetry.
Keith Paul
Keith PaulDirector of Social Media
Keith Paul is a retired healthcare information technology executive and long time website designer and blogger. He runs one travel and three food blogs with tens of thousands of social media followers and over a million website visitors a year. He is a monthly column writer for Cuenca Expats Magazine. He is also an avid artist & photographer.
Charlie Romney-Brown
Charlie Romney-BrownPublic Relations Advisor
Charlie Romney-Brown is the founder of a book discussion club in Cuenca, Ecuador, called Bookworms. She taught Writing a Woman’s Life for many years at Georgetown University, and founded International Women’s Voices & Defining Destiny in both Washington DC and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her work has appeared in many anthologies and small literary magazines.
Shepherd Sands
Shepherd SandsDirector of Logistics
Shepherd Sands is an award-winning writer & producer but has never won a damn thing for directing. She has worked in the entertainment industry for 35 years making commercials, documentaries, television shows and theatrical presentations. Shepherd was the first person to create a half-hour infomercial, was the managing director of the Los Angeles Women’s Shakespeare Company, and designed and managed Artist Gardens, an outdoor performance space in West Hollywood where she produced weekly writer’s readings.